Onsite Training

Why onsite training

For businesses and groups of learners, significant savings can be made on the cost of your training requirements by holding the courses at your own venue. This can not only mean that staff do not have to travel any further than usual for training, but by all learners within the same location can bring up discussions about common accidents and incidents, and how to deal with them.

Onsite Quotation Form

All prices stated include VAT at 20%

Terms and Conditions

Our Online Quotation Form will give you our set price list for the number of learners training on a standard course at your premises. The form does not take into consideration discounts or special offers.

The completing of this form does not confirm a booking, this will be confirmed in writing via email to the address on the form once we have confirmed we have capacity to deliver.

Venue expectations

All venues for training will need to meet a minimum requirement that is conductive to training. All learners will need to be seated and (if possible) have access to tables. The venue must be large enough to take the number of learners comfortably as well as have room for practical elements. On occasions we will ask for room measurements and photos to be taken so that our trainers are aware of any possible issue that may arise.

COVID Measures

We will work with you to ensure a COVID secure training experience, and so we will adhere to any policies or procedures that you have identified to make your workplace safe.

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Why regulated training

There are many different avenues to undertake first aid training, some will be under a voluntary sector, some will be regulated and others will not be regulated. This doesn’t mean much to customers and learners, however it can mean a big difference when it comes to meeting the requirements for your business in relation to your health and safety.

By undertaking regulated training all learners will need to pass assessments to complete the qualification. Whilst people may worry about this, it is the job of our trainers to ensure everyone reaches the required standard and at the time of writing we have had 0 fails.

From an employers point of view, the regulated qualification means you do not need to undertake due diligence on the training. Due diligence would be required with unregulated courses which mean’s that the employer would have to check the trainers qualifications (both teaching and subject elements) and cpd log, ensure the course is using the most up to date information, come up with your own assessments, have a lesson plan and specifications, and then do reflective summaries after the course. How many employers have time for all of that?

By choosing a regulated qualification, not only does it take the headache of due diligence away but it shows your commitment to your learners that they are fully capable of the role of first aider.

What's included in the price?

Having us come to your venue brings with it the same benefits as attending one of our open courses just in your own workplace. Here’s what you’ll receive:

Each learner will receive our COVID secure training pack